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Hey guys, this is your lovely co-mod but creator of this community, Carolyn. Hows everyone doin?! I hope good, and I like how we have 10 members now! w0ot better than the 4 we had to begin with haha

But, I'm really posting here because I'm looking for a game or two to play Miss Sydney Bristow in..I'm trying to come up with ideas for a rpg so I can start it, but so far I don't have any. :(

So, does anyone need a Sydney?? If so, please let me know..I would be using this journal. :D

Hope everyone has fun and we start getting some rpg ads up!!! woooo

<3 Carolyn
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I'd be more then happy to make a game with you or something! I've been wanting to do something that has to do with Alais for awhile.
really? lol okay, I'll keep that in mind. :) What charcter(s) would you wanna play?

hey carolyn :) id play in another one if you needed me to ;)
hhee okay!! lol :D

Deleted comment

okay..well if I do get one started, who do you think you'd wanna play? so far, sydney, vaughn and sark would be taken. :)

Deleted comment

hha..havent gotten that far in watching alias yet lol but okay :D
Well, You'd have a Sark if you start a new one, I know I"ll probably be playing him in mount_shallow but I love is extra hawt evilness..........*guh*
ah yay! lol haa..yes hes evilness i pretty hot if I must say lmao

but before I start a game, I need some ideas for one first lol any ideas? ;)