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Hello all!

I know this is a longshot as this community hasn't been active in a couple years, but I found the community and would love to promote the new Alias RPG that is just starting! The show may have ended, but that doesn't mean the fans need to stop loving the show!

v. To bring back into practice, notice, or use.

Disguises, betrayal, guns, and danger: the world of espionage. The risks are high no matter what side you're on; the CIA set on protecting the country from double agents and terrorists alike, or the loyal followers of Rambaldi just getting started in their quest. Loyalties can change on a dime, and they don't come cheap.

As they say, keep your friends close -- and your enemies closer. The hardest part is telling the difference.

[ Resurrected is a brand new Alias RPG set at the end of Season Three,
and we'd love to have more characters! ]

Main RPG & OOC RPG & Application & Rules & Character Reserves & Taken Characters & Credit
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