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Rambaldi, his name has become more famous than ever along with his teachings. Sydney has been gone for quite sometime. Her disappearnce was unexpected but what can you say? Who would of thought that her best friend had a clone look-a-like and was watching every move she made and directing it back to Sark and Irina. The world is an ugly place but with Syd return almost three years after her disappearnce the only thing that people want desperately than anything is the knowledge behind Miss. Forgot it all what the hell is happening. Everything's different including Vaughn, who is apparantly married to some chick someone would of thought he just met? Dixon the new director in the CIA, Marshall expecting a child and being of course Marshall things in the CIA are more than a little new as well. Can't forget the fact that Slone, Sark and Irina are all tied together in the search for anything and everything Rambaldi, the trio in itself is like a bombshell.

This RPG kicks off right at the beginning of the Third season. When Sid wakes up to find everything all kapluey and yet has no recollection of the past only that there is a tape of her murdering a man... She has to keep everything so far a secret of what she knows and what she's in desperate need of actually knowing, all in the same time of seeing Vaughn snuggled up with another girl who perhaps is evil or not in her eyes. First things first the drama seems to have no end.

The Characters
Marcus Dixon: Open
Marshall Flinkman: Open
Eric Weiss: Open
Michael Vaughn(technically a school teacher for now): Open
Jack Briston(Temp. in prison): Open
Lauren Reed: Open

Julian Sark: Open
Arvin Sloane: Open
Irina Derevko: Open

Others/OC's are available upon request.

Apply at shallowend_
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